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I'm Shana, The Zoom Lady

Since the Spring of 2020, I’ve been helping families and communities stay connected through virtual event moderation, direction and production. When the pandemic made it hard for us to celebrate life events together, I stepped in to make sure loved ones near and far had the best seat in the house to weddings, mitzvahs, memorials and even corporate events. Today, as the world is “reopening,” I find it even more rewarding to be able to unite families across countries, continents and time zones and enhance in-person events by including distant dear ones and those unable to travel. The best part about my job is getting to know people and helping them tell their stories. All of my friends and clients say my “gift of gab” is my best quality, but I just honestly enjoy getting to know people and finding common ground! I’ve traveled to many different countries and lived in a few and the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is how similar we all are, at our core. In that vein, you should know some things about me: I’m a mom to two wonderful teenagers. I work for a small music company and help foster a love of music and the arts in children through classes, lessons and events. If I could be anywhere it would be on the beach with a strawberry daiquiri. And the thing that brings me the most joy is spending time with my kids. Whether you’re planning an in-person event and want virtual support or going all virtual with your big day, I am here to help and I can’t wait to meet you!

Let's Meet

Telling Stories...
One screen at a time.

Professional Virtual Moderation, Production, Direction & Consultation. 


My Services

Virtual Event Moderation

Make sure everyone has their eye on the action with my personalized moderation. I direct your virtual feed to guests' devices, in real time, so that no one misses a single important moment.

Virtual Event Production

Make your event memorable for friends and family near and far. I can help you with all of your virtual event planning needs, from finding and setting up the right equipment to handling communications. 

Virtual Event


Set your business, school or community center up for successful ongoing virtual event hosting. I can help you build the right infrastructure and train your staff, so you have a virtual team ready to go in-house. 


Client Testimonials

“Shana was a blessing to our family in a time of deep sadness...I recommend her without reservation.”

Lisa McElaney

“Shana was an absolute delight to work with. What amazed me most was her patience and generosity of time and insight. She volunteered to coordinate with the other service leaders and professionals so that I didn’t have to.”

Jennifer Kefer

“Guests commented on how beautiful everything was, and noticed the warmth and intimacy in the online Zoom environment you created.”

Rabbi Valerie Cohen


Contact Me

Questions? Comments? You can reach me here.

Thank you for your message. I'll be in touch!

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